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The Nordic Culture Fund supports projects which stimulate the development of artistic and cultural life in the Nordic region. Here you can read more about our current funding programmes.

Opstart is the investment of the Nordic Culture Fund in the initial phases of new art and culture projects, designed to strengthen the Nordic ambitions of the projects. Opstart supports the joint development of promising project ideas.

  • Convincing idea
  • Joint development
  • Response within 20 workdays
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Project funding

In supporting projects, the Fund aims to stimulate the development of the arts and cultural life, and strengthen relations between various players in the Nordic region.

  • Artistic/cultural content and ambitions
  • Nordic relevance and collaboration in the project
  • Relevant and realistic project economy
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Globus Call

Globus Call is a new open funding programme within the fund's overall Globus initiative.
The programme aims to encourage artists and cultural actors to engage in wide transnational collaborations and long-term networks that extend beyond the Nordic region.

Funding within the Globus programme can be applied for through annual calls. The first call will run from the 6th of June until the 3rd of October.

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Globus Opstart

Globus Opstart is a funding programme within the fund's overall Globus initiative.

Globus Opstart supports the establishment and research phases in mutual global collaborations and projects involving artists and cultural practitioners from the Nordic region and other parts of the world.

There is an ongoing application deadline and a response to the application will be given within 20 working days.

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Puls is a five-year funding programme 2017-2022. In 2017-2021, Puls has allocated approximately DKK 20.5 million to venues and festivals throughout the Nordic Region. 

  • Nordic concerts of high quality, accessible to all
  • New Nordic networks
  • Communication and audience development
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