Autor Chap I

The project received funding because of:
It is not only about language when you work with translations. Nevertheless, it is about other realities and cultural contexts. This is an essential part of understanding the boundaries between different realities.

The Swedish association Autor has previously developed a successful concept in which it presents a box with several texts. By arranging salons around this box, Autor will create discussion about relevant subjects and themes. During every round, the focus theme will be changed. In this particular project, Autor will continue with this concept by focusing on translations.

There are seven chosen translators for this project. These impressive professionals work with Nordic languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Northern Sami language. They even translate from Arabic, Persian, Polish and German. Every translator will contribute to salons with their expertise and, in turn, will create more interest in educations towards literature and translation.

The applicant wrote about the project:
We are planning to organise a new round with Autor Chap that invites Nordic translators to present their own practices. The form will be the same - several professionals gathered together. We are aiming to get more depth and life in the publications through discussion sessions. Furthermore, we want also orientate us to educations for writers and translators. We have plans to expand the salons to Norway and Finland. The grant by the Nordic Culture Fund would enable this.

How does a translation experience look like? How do you as translator administrate and present your product of translated contexts? Which ideological conflicts need to be confronted? How does a translator get over the feeling of not being enough or, for the sake of translation, feeling hybrid?