Dancing In The Margin Of Climate Change

Photo credit: Dansinitiativet

The project received funding because of:

The project has a clear ambition both to strengthen networking and to support freelancing artists in the Barents Region. Collaboration between partners from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia is rational and reasonable when the project contributes to an area with few dance artists. The project has a great potential to develop artistic collaboration in the region and it is grounded on relevant local themes.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Dancing in the margin of climate change aims to develop infrastructure and to create an attractive climate for living and working in movement-based arts in the Barents Region. The project wants to focus on marginalised places which are changed by effects of urbanisation, digitalisation, globalisation and climate change.

The project’s objectives are to engage all of the four countries (SE, NO, FI, RUS) in the making process of dance productions, to reach new audiences, and to create several working opportunities and meeting points for dance artists in the region. The project wants to assure that dance artists will have more pleasant circumstances to live and work in the Barents region.

"Dance artists in Barents" is a three-year project initiated by Dansinitiativet from Luleå, Sweden, where this part of the project is the main focus of its second year: 2020. Other partners are Dans i Västerbotten (SE), Taikabox (FI), Dansfestival Barents/Stellaris Dansteater (NO) and one still non-specified partner from Russia. The project will result in four dance performances, one in each participating country, by dance artists who have strong connections to the region. Under the process, each country will exchange knowledge and contribute to transnational collaboration. The project wants to reach new audiences by giving open discussions, demo performances and workshops.