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This project is being funded because:

Making with your hands is in the heart of the FabCrafts project, it is the essence of creativity and handicrafts. FabCrafts is an open project, promoting participation of new groups. It is a project that appeals to people who have never done handicrafts before or never seen themselves as “the handicraft type”. The maker mentality contagious, and you can even lay the foundation for a future profession, product innovations and discovering the fun of doing things together and being together. Everything is based on the freedom of doing – here, you do not have to follow instructions; we believe in the culture of experimenting, as innovators and craft-makers. The project combines handicrafts, technology and design. Doing things together, making social encounters and get-togethers happen.

About the project:

With roots in the makerculture, 10 digital fabrication labs across five nordic countries are coming together to use technology and traditional crafts to create new forms of arts and craft together.

The aim of FabCrafts is to combine and and merge local traditional crafts such as tailoring woodworking smithing or weaving with the toolset and digital creativity of the makers movement, through a knowledge exchange program and thorough documentation sharing the advances with the rest of the movement and World.

Some of the contacts will be facilitated by the NFH (Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor) while some labs will be connected to local crafts artists separately. The goal is to deepen the understanding within the network of traditional methods as well as open up the lab arenas as a space also for traditional and sometimes marginalized arts and crafts people. Hopefully, by doing this, the gap between the two fields which historically share the same roots of making and creation, will be bridged.

By merging the two spheres of the digital and the analog represented by the maker movement and traditional craftsmen new fertile manifestations of art and craftsmanship can evolve, allowing the different generations in the Nordic region to inspire each other. The project will also for the first time connect the Nordic Labs in a joint collaboration. Paving the way towards a more indepth network and cross-fertilization.


The Nordic collaboration:

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Partners which will take part FabCraft include:

  • Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor (SE)

The labs:

  • Verket FabLab – Moss (NO)
  • Fellesverkstaden – Oslo (NO)
  • Fab Lab Ísafjörður (IS)
  • TUTLab – Tampere (FI)
  • MIT Fablab – Tromsø (NO)
  • Fab Lab Oulu (FI)
  • Copenhagen Fablab (DK)
  • Aalto Fablab – Helsinki (FI)
  • Fabriken – Malmö (SE)
  • FabLab – Umeå (SE)

Total budget: 1 000 000 DKK
Applied for: 500 000DKK     
Approved grant: 400 000 DKK
Project period: 01.01.2017-20.01.2018
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Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016

This project was supported by a Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016. Normally, the Fund caps applications at DKK 500,000 and 50% of total project budget, however, HANDMADE 2016 invited projects to apply for amounts ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 1 million and up to 85% of total project costs.

The assessment criteria were: HANDMADE aims to promote and stimulate handicrafts and handmade design by encouraging new Nordic and international partnerships and to help raise the visibility and profile of a wide range of handmade art forms and idioms. The spotlight is on projects that:

  • contribute to the development and visibility of handmade design and that focus on free, experimental and conceptual aspects
  • help challenge and break down traditional boundaries for handmade arts, crafts and design
  • include individuals or organisations from other disciplines and artistic genres.

The Fund’s general criteria about Nordic substance, quality, support and impact also applied.

Christina Zetterlund from Sweden and Mari Savio from Finland acted as expert advisors. The Board of the Nordic Culture Fund made the final decision on which projects to fund.

From 2017, HANDMADE will be part of the Fund’s general programmes of project funding and OPSTART. Read more about the programmes under “Apply for funding”.

Photo: FabCrafts