The project received funding because:

Conserving and developing an old work method (analogue film) resonates well with current trends. The digital trend in the film and cinema industry resulted in the speedy near-obliteration of a technology which had otherwise dominated the area since the dawn of moviemaking. The industry as a whole is obviously not going to give up the digital media, but increasing numbers of independent film-makers are realising the very different aesthetic possibilities available with analogue recording when comparing with digital. The same trend can be seen in music with a burgeoning interest in analogue recording technology and vinyl records. The problem both with film and music is that the old technology and know-how have largely disappeared and must be re-created.

To conserve and develop analogue film-making know-how is important, not only for the sake of the associated aesthetic possibilities but also in order to not completely lose an important part of our cultural heritage.

The project will be conducted as three workshops with shared learning and teaching local film-makers how to use the technology. It is worth noting that the complete process, from shooting one's own film to developing and laboratory work, will be covered. This means that the work previously done by film-makers and laboratories is converted into a real craft.


About the project:

Starting from scratch is a network of artists and filmmakers working with analogue film material in the Nordic countries.

The aim is to keep analogue film alive and accessible in the Nordic region and to promote its transformation into the future. The continuous work with analogue film will sustain a sensibility for the artisan film in the region.

Nowadays the film industry is advertising digital filmmaking as the easiest and cheapest way, but this is the industrial way. Working with analogue film is the artisan way of working with film. It is both a preservation and an innovation, because before the process of developing film was mostly in hands of large filmlabs. In the last years the labs for developing film are closing down around the world, because the industry is stepping back. At the same time more and more artist run labs appear and making analogue film still accessible in different regions. Here we have new opportunities for new characteristic in handmade filmmaking in various regions.

‘Starting from scratch’ wants to build a strong network for the Nordic region working with film. The importance of the network is to share knowledge, to generate new impact for all of the participants, to make analogue film accessible to a bigger audience and to create new characteristics in our own region and nationwide.

Within the network they want to provide a place for analogue filmmaking with working facilities (dark room with different equipment), education / knowledge (workshops, masterclass, artist in residence), exchange and screening programs /exhibitions. Working in the network each lab will arrange one week for exchange knowledge, and invite international experts for providing a workshop / masterclass open to the public and invite the other network participants to exchange knowledge in the Nordic region.

Besides the workshop there will be screenings and a discussion round with specific Nordic film theme to share the results with an even bigger audience.


Nordic collaboration:

Finland, Iceland and Norway

The filmverkstaden in Vaasa (FI), Kinosmidja in Reykjavik (IS) and Polar Film Lab in Tromsø (NO)

The main perspectives for the collaboration are:

1) collect knowledge about the specifics of each lab in the nordic region. Each nordic lab has specific knowledge, equipment and the artists have their own artistic practise. Within our exchange its possible to get an overview about all these specifics for each lab and to circulate the information.

2) gain more and special knowledge about analogue filmmaking techniques and to pass it further on. For all the labs, who will be part of the exchange/workshop it will make it possible to gain more specific knowledge about analogue filmmaking and to spread the knowledge in our own region/country.

3) become the meeting point for analogue filmmaking in our region/country. As part of the project we will collect the knowledge and we will provide the knowledge for others, with workshops in our region and with tutorials and documentations.

4) being the meeting point for ananlogue filmmaking, we would like to preserve the artisan knowlede about filmmaking and to develop new characteristics in our specific regions Now it will make it possible for everyone who wants to work with handmade film to use the facilities and to develop their own artistic practise within our framework and to develop possible new specifics and artisan characteristics.


Total budget: 540 000 DKK
Applied for:  450 000 DKK   
Approved grant:   390 000 DKK
Project period: 01.05.2017-31.07.2018

Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016

This project was supported by a Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016. Normally, the Fund caps applications at DKK 500,000 and 50% of total project budget, however, HANDMADE 2016 invited projects to apply for amounts ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 1 million and up to 85% of total project costs.

The assessment criteria were: HANDMADE aims to promote and stimulate handicrafts and handmade design by encouraging new Nordic and international partnerships and to help raise the visibility and profile of a wide range of handmade art forms and idioms. The spotlight is on projects that:

  • contribute to the development and visibility of handmade design and that focus on free, experimental and conceptual aspects
  • help challenge and break down traditional boundaries for handmade arts, crafts and design
  • include individuals or organisations from other disciplines and artistic genres.

The Fund’s general criteria about Nordic substance, quality, support and impact also applied.

Christina Zetterlund from Sweden and Mari Savio from Finland acted as expert advisors. The Board of the Nordic Culture Fund made the final decision on which projects to fund.

From 2017, HANDMADE will be part of the Fund’s general programmes of project funding and OPSTART. Read more about the programmes under “Apply for funding”.

Photo: Starting from scratch