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The project was funded because:
Rosa Tolnov Clausen is a textile artist who manages to move a diverse crowd of people - young and old, men and women, professionals and amateurs, the blind and the sighted. Her artistic approach is the direct contact with her audience, which is co-creator of the project and owner of the project products. Clausen conveys a strong and highly topical message of handicrafts through this collective and inclusive work that will be anchored in Helsinki and meet its Nordic audience in the form of pop-up events.

The applicant describes the project:

The Nordic countries have a rich cultural heritage when it comes to hand weaving traditions. But today the practical knowledge and handcraft is disappearing. One explanation of the fact that fewer people are weaving today can be that many find it a difficult craft to approach because of the tools, the preparation of the loom and the time and space needed. But there is generally also a tendency by the younger generation to consider the self- and handmade product as less valuable compared to the industrially produced product.

Across cultures and languages, the word kiosk is connoted with convenience and availability. Kiosks are meeting points that provide daily goods and are ‘cornerstones’ deeply rooted in the local community.

Concept: The Weaving Kiosk
The Weaving Kiosk is a space open to the public, where looms of different shape and size are available and ready for use. The goal with this project is to explore how it is possible to breathe life into Nordic hand weaving traditions. The kiosks aim at a young audience between 18 and 40 years and at providing an appealing spatial set-up that is easy to access in terms of location, opening hours and working approach. Additionally, the weaving process will be guided so that it can present the possibility to accomplish the making of satisfying and long-lasting products.

Through the Weaving Kiosk the following will be investigated:

  1. How can the self-made hand-woven product become an alternative to the (industrially made) consumer product?
  2. How can the satisfaction of creation be emphasized, and the social interaction that is achieved through craft work, which I feel is a need in our modern society?

The plan is to test two different modes of the Weaving Kiosk: A permanent Weaving Kiosk in Helsinki and Temporary (pop-up) kiosks in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Reykjavik.