How can we develop a more diverse and gender balanced music sector with a broader audience base?
How to create new opportunities for composers and promote contemporary music in the Nordic region and beyond?

These were some of the core questions that were discussed on September 13th 2018 at a conference in Oslo exploring the current and future conditions for composers and contemporary music in the Nordic countries. The conference brought together over 50 central actors from the international music world and keynotes were given by:

  • Hanna Hartmann, Composer
  • Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive, Sound and Music, London
  • Du Yun, composer and artistic director, Pan Asia Festival, New York
  • Christos Carras, Executive Director, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens

The keynotes highlighted the importance of international networks and creating new structures, platforms, and ways of working in a more global perspective.
The need for a stronger focus on diversity and of being more open, curious, and engaging as a sector, was highlighted as well in both the keynotes and in the ongoing discussions and reactions throughout the day.

The catalogue contains a compilation of ideas presented by the conference participants on how to tackle the existing challenges in the Nordic region, as well as a summary of the key notes and main points of the group discussions throughout the day.