AAS19 Press By Janne Jakola

Photo credit: Janne Jakola / Arctic Arts Summit 2019

By hosting and contributing to the sessions, the fund aims to emphasise the importance of handcrafts and materiality within all art and culture genres. They can be a meeting point for creating and maintaining cultural and artistic networks – both in Nordic and global contexts.

The first session Handmade/Materiality in the Arctic presents the Handmade projects Handmade Selkies, Duodji Dreamers, Intersection: Dialogue through Arctic Handmade and Skjæringspunkter. For these projects the starting point has been to create material based art in the Arctic Region, and thereby provide a contemporary and comprehensive view on handmade and materiality.

The presentations are followed by the session Duodji in Contemporary Context which focuses on various conceptual understandings of duodji. The session deepens the knowledge and understanding of traditions in a contemporary context by focusing both on challenges and opportunities.

The last session Mother Power deepens the discussion of handmade in the context of outer edge. The discussion will focus on the role of periphery in handmaking in which the dialogue between nature, people and the Arctic contributes to new ways to understand sustainability and the ownership of culture.

Afterwards, the director of the Nordic Culture Fund, Benny Marcel, will give a reflection and summary on the three sessions.


The Nordic Culture Fund has contributed actively at the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 by participating in Art Council’s meeting, and panel discussions about supporting art and culture in sustainable ways. Arctic Arts Summit wants to raise a question of making art in the Arctic region by grounding a platform which “support art and cultural sectors in the circumpolar collaboration”.