The Nordic Culture Fund's Project Ambassadors

The Nordic Culture Fund's Project Ambassadors are helping to mobilize new actors, shorten the way for applicants to the Fund and raise awareness of the Fund. The ambassadors can reach the potential applicants through their own network and give advice on how to implement Nordic culture projects based on their own experiences. The Project Ambassadors come from different Nordic countries and they work daily within various sectors of the cultural world.


Jonatan Habib Engqvist 


Jonatan Habib Engqvist is a theorist, curator, teacher and freelancer. He has produced international programs and exhibitions i.a. in Norway, Sweden and Iceland. He has also written for and edited various journals and books.

Astri Fremmerlid


Astri Fremmerlid has a versatile career in the museum sector. She worked as the project manager in establishing the Perspective museum in Tromssa, and has worked as the museum’s director since 1995. Astrid has also worked as an associate professor at the University Museum in Tromssa and as the director of The Regional Museum in Trondarne. She is educated as Cand.Phil in ethonology, sociology and geography from the University of Bergen.

Mikaela Westerlund


Mikaela Westerlund is the executive director of film agency Walhalla in Finland. She is also the film secretary at the Finland-Swedish Film Centre which strives for an active and vibrant Swedish film culture in Finland. She has studied Nordic literature, media culture and video production and works also with scriptwriting and film directing.

Sofia Enros


Sofia Enros from Åland is a swing dancer with a great passion for jazz. She has worked as the manager for several dance festivals and together with her partner Daniel Johansson she teaches dance styles from the 1920-1930’s around Europe and the US. Sofia is working as the manager of LGBT association Regnbågsfyren and is passionate about development, yield, age-integrated venues and active participation.

Jette Sunesen


Jette Sunesen, director of Aarhus Centre for Literature, has studies literature and art history. Since 1996 she has worked with developing and spreading the literary landscape in Aarhus. She has worked at the association “Litteraturen på Scenen”, Kulturhus Aarhus, Aarhus Festuge and since 2012 as the director of Aarhus Centre for Literature. During the years Jette has participated in several collaborations and worked with both national and international partners. She has a large network and holds an extensive knowledge within art and literature.

Søren B. Kristensen


Søren B. Kristensen is the fund's Project Ambassadors for the funding programme puls. He is the driving force behind many concerts, activities and musical societies in Denmark, such as Project Nordic Band Camp, record label association Labelkollektiv and Nordkraft (Center for culture and leisure in Aalborg). Søren is a member of The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Project Funding 2016-2017. He was the chairman of ORA – Organisation for Rhytmic Amateur musicians in 2010-2013.

Mari Savio


Mari Savio is the fund's Project Ambassadors for the funding programme HANDMADE. She helps to mobilize new applicants and gives advice on how to implement Nordic culture projects. Mari works as a designer, often in DIY-related projects, and develops projects at SuoMu – the Finnish Association of Design Learning. She has worked as a ‘Regional Artist’ for Taike, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, and has published several books on DIY and crafts.

Olivur Eystberg


Olivur Eystberg is a record company employee and store manager of the Faroese record company Tutl. He is a bookseller and for a number of years he has also worked as a film technician and operator. He is engaged in Havnar Jazzfelag, which organizes the Vetrarjazz music festival. Furthermore, Olivur has a great interest in art photography.

Nivi Christensen


Maternity leave.
Nivi Christensen is Head of Nuuk Art Museum. She has produced a number of art exhibitions and has worked to spread the knowledge of Greenlandic art. She has studied Art History and written articles specifically for the Greenlandic art and culture magazine Neriusaaq. She has also contributed to a number of books on Greenlandic art.