Pyramid Eric Bates 1

About the project:
Acting for Climate's goal is to inspire to act towards a more sustainable future. This particular project addresses the global issue of climate change, and the role performing arts has to play in it. Sustainability is seen in terms of human relationships, happiness, and creativity. Through non-violent communication, safe spaces, equality, and awareness of societal oppression, the project creates connections and profounds creative processes for arts. By doing this, the project shows the audience how social acts can find harmony with nature.

Furthermore, the project aims to create a new sustainable touring concept, called Branché, enabling global activities in local contexts. A script is developed in a collaboration between actors in the Nordic countries and Canada, which can be performed in several places afterwards.

Acting for Climate is a Norwegian based performance company that has been developing artistic responses to the global climate crisis since 2015 and continues to search for new creative solutions every day.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project combines digital and physical working methods for developing a performance concept between Canada and Europe. It aims to develop practices in contemporary circus and find sustainable ways to work in global contexts.