Jenny Hval EKKO 2016 Web © Cecilie Bannow, All Rights Reserved 25

Jenny Hval, EKKO 2016 © Cecilie Bannow, All Rights Reserved

About the promoter:
Ekko is an annual festival for electronic and experimental music and sound art. Ekko is based in Bergen, Norway. The festival features a tightly curated international and local programme with concerts, DJ-sets, commission works, art, talks, screenings and multidisciplinary acts.

During the Puls period 2020-2021, Ekko will present a bunch of innovative artists who present high-quality music with an uncompromising approach. The program for this period is composed of a special focus on experimental, electronic music and other related genres.

The promoter sees that it is important, more than ever, to present a clear and independent artistic programme in the time when the global pandemic challenges the live music industry. To be able to continue, it is required to base your activities to other actors and connect to environment and public both in the Nordic region and internationally.

Ekko sees that it is also important not to let the pandemic define the work too much. Instead, the promoter wants to present just as good content with the same premises for artist and performers as before the pandemic, but in innovative ways. It is about to explore new alternative ways to present the programme: e.g. using other buildings with more space as an arena, playing with time and length in the concerts and applying digital tools and methods.

By taking advantage of the pandemic, it is possible to explore and shape the future of the live music industry.

Relevance for Puls:
The promoter has established strong collaborations together with other Puls promoters. The collaborations take form on several levels, focusing on different relevant aspects. Furthermore, the promoter seeks constantly new partners for collaboration. The fund sees that the promoter contributes actively to develop the industry despite the challenges that the corona pandemic has caused this year.

The Nordic Culture Fund supports five concerts by DKK 100,000 in total.