Tasteofcement (003)

Picture: Taste of Cement: Thalal Koury

Why the project received support

Syria has been firmly seated in the news since the war began. It becomes so impersonal, when talking about the latest bombing or which superpower is supporting whom. Documentary can do much more. They can focus on individual destinies and in that way, make the horror of war personal and palpable again. The project is aimed at a wide Nordic audience and of course also for Syrian refugees in the Nordic countries.

Applicant’s project description:

Though mainly focusing on contemporary films, this year the festival also presents a historical theme. The festival will screen films before 2011 to give the audience a glimpse of Syria and Syrian life without war.

We are crossing borders through the intercultural nature of the project and by discussing the Nordic self-image of the welfare state - founded in humanism - challenged by immigration and -policies. The project wants to develop the documentary film industry in the countries where the screenings take place, as well as in Syria. We believe the project will increase the cultural encounter between Nordic countries, including the new Syrian citizens.