Ignaskrungleviius 9

Foto: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal. Ignas Kruinglevicius: “Signal to Noise Ratio”, Struer Tracks 2019

The project received funding because of:
The long-term goal in the project is to establish a common Nordic platform for making knowledge of Nordic sound art available in public spaces. Nordic relevance and quality are thus strong and the budget is realistic. The fund sees that the project has great potential to strengthen the artistic field of sound art.

About the project:
The project wants to develop knowledge about sound art in public spaces across the Nordic countries. The goal is to find better ways to handle art projects with sound in urban spaces, evaluating the quality and effect of art, and developing the framework for new projects to take place. There are strong environments in the Nordic countries with knowledge in the field, but there is a lack of a unifying forum where knowledge can be exchanged and disseminated to a wider crowd of cultural actors.

During the project period, monthly meetings are held either physically or digitally between the three parties. The project manager will engage in a close dialogue with SAL, IAC, BEK and NOTAM to develop the project and agree on partner contributions. The process also involves research to make contact with relevant partners in Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland. The project ends with a virtual meeting with all partners in order to complete the project description.

The future project will take the form of the Nordic working group, which will gather and make available knowledge about sound art in public spaces for artists, researchers, planners, administrators, art communicators, architects and others with an interest in public spaces. Formats of knowledge transfer and dissemination will be discussed during the Opstart project, but most likely the project will result in a report and a series of podcasts with the working title “Resonances”.