200507 Workshops Map 1

The project received funding because of:
The fund sees that the project has an interesting and clear content which contributes to creating new ways to use Nordic wood. The project plan is clearly articulated and the collaboration between several Nordic institutions is well-grounded. The project seeks to collaborate with several cultural and artistic fields.

The applicant wrote about the project:
Waste wood for good seeks to develop a new cultural exchange where specialists and students from a range of disciplines and backgrounds collaborate on a truly Nordic project related to architectural opportunities from waste wood. Over 8 months 200 participants through workshop participation are scheduled to take part in developing new approaches to waste wood, specific to the Nordic context, with a focus on architecture and cultural values.

The project explores the understanding of perceived value of waste wood from a cultural perspective. This is an important aspect as the world moves towards more resource efficient and circular futures. The cultural, aesthetic and societal aspects are underdeveloped in the current waste wood discourse, which is a direct result of a focus on purely technical assessments of the material, as seen when we look at most of the scientific material available today. By utilising waste wood in more creative and resource optimised ways, we hope to contribute to a more holistic understanding of resource use in relation to societal values.

The main purpose of the project is to create a more holistic understanding of the value of waste wood through exploring architectural, aesthetic and cultural aspects while keeping in mind the technical aspects, which is a requirement when working with wood. It serves as a starting point for future collaborations towards a more complete understanding of resource use in society.