Material based art and culture and reflecting issues around the Handmade have a strong position in the Nordic countries. Handmade shows and supports what’s happening: New perspectives and a new take on what’s allowed.

Handmade encourages new voices and shows the diversity and variety in the field

Mastering one's craft and materials is an important aspect within all art and culture fields. Nordic Culture Fund has had a specific focus on supporting and exponing the handmade in 2016 - 2018.

Between 2016 - 2018 the Fund supported Handmade-projects with 7.700.000 DKK. The fund has established new networks and inspired new collaborations. The Fund has also partnered with Nordic art support organizations, Arctic Arts Summit 2019 and The Nordic Museum in Seattle to further support the Handmade-field and work for new cooperation projects.

Handmade is:
- discoveries; The very large begins with the small – on the periphery, in the undiscovered, the underestimated, the forgotten
- mediating, reflection and theory
- crafts newly detected and reinterpreted in our time
- local initiatives with Nordic perspectives, Nordic collaboration
- new ways to interpret what it means to be Nordic
- a network of Nordic experts from different genres
- a challenge to the traditional boundaries between institutions, genres and cultures
- new voices, diversity and variety in expressions and the makers

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